New face, more functions on MyTradinginfo!

3 min readJan 20, 2022


We are excited to share with you MyTradingInfo has updated new content with more data and functions for your investment insights.

The updated site includes navigation changes with the addition of sub-menus for both desktop and mobile versions.

With the sub-menus added, users are having a better experience when browsing our site for designated content at quick clicks.

Besides the improved structure, more factors are added for users to compare data for the markets. Let’s see what are the exciting elements that we have brought to you.

  1. Bitcoin & Ethereum
  • Open Interest data on OKX exchange added for both Bitcoin & Ethereum
  • Data on exchanges including Exchange deposit, Balance on Exchanges, Inflow and Outflow volume
  • Longs/Shorts and Significant trades statistics on Ethereum is provided

2. Market Summary & Major Indices

  • Market Summary Session introduced on the main page for your quick read of the market indices
  • Major indices like US Dollar Index, US 10-year bond yield and Commodity are available to view and compare among the factors

3. Compare Vs and My Charts

  • Compare Vs session with compelling features to allow users to select and create charts for constant market observations
  • Saving functions are available and Customized charts can be viewed on Main Page

4. Correlation

Correlations on major indices and data are there for users to view at one sight. Simply notice and observe the changes of the relationships via the charts with time intervals

5. Investing themes and News

Up-to-date news and integrated investing themes content are newly provided in MyTradingInfo to increase the variety of investing content for users.

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